How to Watch Joshua vs Ruiz 2 Live Stream Online

If you have been looking for ways to watch Joshua vs Ruiz fight live stream online, look no more since it is the best stop for you. I’m going to share with you the best options you could opt to watch Joshua vs Ruiz rematch from the beginning to the end.

DateDecember 7, 2019
VenueDiriyah Arena, Diriyah, Saudi Arabia
Start Time4 p.m. ET, which is 9 p.m. in the UK
NetworkSKY Sports PPV & DAZN
Live StreamWatch Here

Where is Joshua vs Ruiz 2 fight taking place?
Joshua vs Ruiz 2 will happen on December 7, 2019, at Diriyah Arena, Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. As expected, the fans will be flocking the city to give their support for the both parties. For those who cannot make it to the venue, don’t fret yet since you will be able to see their actions on your favorite screen.

Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz Jr Fight Start time?
To make sure that you won’t miss the opportunity to watch it, you will surely want to know the exact starting time of Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz. Regardless the undercards, it is safe to assume that you won’t miss any moment if you tune your channel on before 10 pm. The starting time or ring walks will be at 10 pm GMT on Saturday, December 7. That would be 1 pm in Saudi Arabia. Make sure you convert the time to your local time so that you won’t miss the spectacle.

The bout begins at around 4 p.m. Eastern Time (U.S.). The undercard coverage starts at around 11 a.m. on ESPN+.

Ruiz vs AJ 2 Fight Broadcasters
The fight will be streamed live on both Fight Sports MAX in MENA region (Saudi Arabia as host), DAZN in the USA and seven other countries, & televised live on PPV’s Sky Sports Box Office in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

How to Watch Joshua vs Ruiz 2 Live online
Watching the upcoming bout that involves Joshua and Ruiz is straightforward and simple. Depending on the country you are living or traveling, you will want to focus on the official live streaming service to watch Joshua vs Ruiz rematch live online. The safest and easiest option would be DAZN. However, DAZN is only available in few countries. You can, however, turn your VPN to connect to specific server to unlock access to DAZN.

How to watch the AJ vs Ruiz fight in the UK
Viewers in the UK shouldn’t worry since you can watch your favorite fighter through the Sky Sports Box Office. In the UK, it will be a PPV event. You won’t go wrong when tuning into the Sky Sports Box Office. All you need to do is just to purchase the PPV, and that’s it. The Sky Box Office branding has been available for the UK and Ireland viewers. So, whether you are in the UK or Ireland, don’t hesitate to use this option for you.

How to live stream Ruiz vs Joshua in the US
DAZN is also available in the US. As we know that DAZN is one of the best live streaming services which offer live and on-demand streaming events of various niches. The DAZN first launched in Austria, and keep expanding their wings. Now, folks in the US cannot go wrong with this option. Although the free trial of this service is no longer available, you can attain the package with sensible price. It only costs nineteen bucks per month.

How to watch Joshua vs Ruiz Jr fight in Australia
If you are living or traveling in Australia, you can tune in Main Event to watch the upcoming AJ vs Ruiz 2. Main Event has long been popular in Australia entertainment market. Formerly known as Event TV, it is one of the most prevalent Foxtel products that offer such great sport content. If you are subscribing to Foxtel, you have been on the right track. Its sister channel is Foxtel Networks channels. Looking at the quality, you shouldn’t worry about catching up with the upcoming spectacle.

Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz 2 Boxing live in France
If you are living or traveling in France, consider to pick the RMC sport as your option. RMC Sport is the confirmed official live streaming option in France. It is a French-based provider so you’d probably watch the match with French commentary. If you prefer English commentary, consider to pick DAZN. Turn your VPN on if you are experiencing the blackout.

Joshua vs Andy Ruiz live Streaming option in Germany
In Germany, it is obvious to pick the DAZN to watch Joshua vs Ruiz 2 live online. As we know, PPV is always identical with high priced package. But not with the DAZN. The subscription fee does not cost you more than twenty bucks for 100 fight nights. You can even save more money if you choose the annual plan which only cost a hundred bucks. If you are cutting cord, DAZN is definitely worth chosen. After all, the officials have confirmed that DAZN will be responsible for the live coverage of the event. So, get on the right track with this awesome live streaming service.

How to live stream Ruiz vs Joshua Rematch from Italy
Viewers in Italy can rest assured that the option to watch Joshua vs Ruiz 2 is straightforward and easy. DAZN live streaming service is available in Italy. So, if you are living or travelling in this country, you can directly use DAZN as you desire. Did we also mention that DAZN is available on various devices? You can use this service on your Smartphone, tablet, Roku, Chromecast, and other TV connected device. If you prefer to use your PC or laptop, you can use the DAZN too.

Can I watch Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Live Online from anywhere?
The answer would be a big YES, if you know how. Well, it is pretty simple to comprehend the way to watch Joshua vs Andy Ruiz 2 live online from anywhere. The key here is the compatible device, the right live streaming service, as well as the right VPN option.

Let’s discuss it one by one. Your compatible device must be PC, laptop, TV connected device, or most recent smartphone or tablet in which you can install the live streaming service app without any problem. Meanwhile, you can update the browsers in your PC or laptop so that you can use the live streaming service without glitches or any other problems.

The next thing is choosing the service. Let’s take DAZN as the example. DAZN is available in various countries. But there’s a chance that you cannot access the DAZN service because you are out of the country, which leads to point number 3: VPN service.

Using VPN
VPN service enables you to use live streaming service like DAZN regardless it comes with the geo-restriction policy. The VPN gives you the ability to unblock the live stream option and watch Joshua vs Ruiz 2 live from anywhere in the world.

Use specific service to unlock the DAZN anywhere you are. But first things first, you will want to choose the right VPN service for you. Don’t waste your time for poor VPN service. Use top-notch VPN services like Express VPN, Nord VPN, IP Vanish, and many more.

Using Smart DNS Proxies
Smart DNS Proxies can also be a great option if you want to have permanent IP from your location. It offers more private IP with more secure option. Not to mention that you can enjoy the stable connection that the Smart DNS can give. However, the price is way heftier than VPN service. It is your decision, though.

How to Stream Joshua vs Ruiz 2 Live Free Online?
Although there is no way to watch Joshua vs Ruiz 2 for completely free, you can work around with the option. While DAZN no longer provides the free trial, you can take a look at the other option.

VIVA comes as a great alternative. It is an Indonesian live streaming service which allows viewers in Indonesia to watch Joshua vs Ruiz 2 for free. Yes, for free! That means you won’t need to pay a single dime to live stream the upcoming event through your favorite device. However, it is only available in Indonesia. You will want to use your VPN service to connect to Indonesian server to unlock the VIVA live streaming service.

Ruiz vs Joshua 2 Fight Prediction & Odds
Joshua was actually the favorite but punters have not been sure since his first defeat.

Joshua can have 4/5 to win by KO, TKO, or disqualification. Meanwhile, 4/1 is on points or technical decision.

In the counterparts, Ruiz Jr’s best possibility is at 3/1 by KO, TKO, or disqualification. Meanwhile, it is 14/1 that he wins on points.

AJ vs Ruiz 2 Fight cost & Price
DAZN costs $19.99 per month. Annual subscription would be $99.99. Pretty a good deal if you are an avid sport lover.

Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua 2 Fight Card
Here is the fight card which you could consider before the core event Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua 2.

About Joshua vs Ruiz Rematch Tickets?
The Rematch Tickets can go up to £10,600 per seat. But you can get the seat as low as £105 if you don’t mind the seat distance position. The official ticketing box has been available.

Final Words
The options are there for you. Now it is your time to decide which option you’d like to take. Have a great time!

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